A Fortune 500 automotive retail firm with $8 billion in revenues, 80 locations in multiple states, and 8,000 employees.

Recruited to streamline corporate development encompassing real estate, construction, M&A, divestitures, financial services, banking products, and stakeholder relationships. Led a staff of ten direct and 20 indirect employees.
  • $400 million in revenues generating a $10 million EBITDA projected by positioning the company for expansion in a key geographic market through the negotiation of a major acquisition.
  • $2 million incentive program implemented that boosted profitability, reduced risk, and eliminated multiple program redundancies by coordinating with the finance, accounting, risk management, operations, and legal teams on a prime executive leadership group initiative.
  • 10%+ savings per transaction realized and accelerated market readiness by focusing on more profitable operations through processes and metrics rolled into a real-time living database that identified and tracked acquisition targets providing higher returns and by disposing of underperforming operations to establish the company as an acquirer of choice for market expansion prior to availability to other buyers.
  • 5% to 10% rise in earnings per share (EPS) for five years along with increased operating group satisfaction anticipated by negotiating a centralized maintenance program for 94 company owned facilities through a restructure that eliminated third-party vendors for non-major maintenance and repair projects.

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