The fifth largest US bank with 75,000 employees.

Developed the strategy to market and capture business from the 150 largest industry leaders. Traveled the US soliciting business from the sector, including collaborating with primary influencers such as attorneys, accountants, and insurance brokers. Oversaw the implementation of
  • $2 billion prospect pipeline and $700 million in financing proposals generated by growing the entity as the market segment leader and creating an extensive prospect pipeline through expansion in previously untapped markets and executing of a national accounts strategy targeting the 150 largest industry groups.

  • $2 billion syndicated credit facility of a Fortune 400 client secured by developing a long-term plan introducing a financial payments program that provided $2 million in annual client incentives, a tier-one position in the credit facility, $10 million in financial derivative transactions, and close to $100 million in new loans.

  • $10 million income expected across five years through processes for a broadening of vendor / supplier payment services into an important client segment by strengthening existing relationships and developing new partnerships via client presentations and pricing that created substantial opportunities in the dealer space.

  • Opened strategic geographic markets by researching new lending partners and increasing financing proposals leading to cross-sell possibilities in financial payments and derivatives that produced mid-six figure fees and created opportunities to further expand relationships.

  • $3 million to $5 million in interest and product fees annually forecasted by forging sustainable, profitable relationships with the top 150 companies in the sector to propel the company to an industry leadership position that tripled opportunities with large industry lending facilities in new area markets.

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